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Family focused

Self Determination Family and Staff Trainings

With my son, I have spent 5 years training LAPD officers what autism looks like. I bring that experience to my new venture training families and Regional Center staff in Self-Determination.

Family Trainings

I have developed what I call “Self Determination in Baby Steps,” a series mirroring the mandatory DDS online orientation. I take the orientation concepts and break it down so families can understand and ask live questions about the content of each module. My trainings have been very well received by families, earning 9’s and 10’s in the evaluations. Content is developed and tailored to the questions families ask during each session.

Family Coaching

We have developed a successful coaching program at San Gabriel Pomona Regional Center managing families working their way through the self-determination process, working with Independent Facilitators, families and staff to collaborate through the steps. We have also been working with families on their annual reviews.

Regional Center Staff Trainings

The Regional Center staff trainings take the content in the orientation and help the coordinators and other support staff understand the concepts and how to answer questions families have. We interact with the staff and content is developed with managers to help explain the process from “soup to nuts,” including the person centered way to write IPP’s and how the POS system will be different.

“I’ve been looking forward to switching to self-determination and found yesterday’s, even only first, session so helpful. I’m grateful that you’re going into detail and at the pace that you are. As soon as it ended, I notified our service coordinator of our choice to switch and also inquired about funding for free coaching. I initially thought that I would try to figure it out on my own, bit after hearing yesterday’s parents’ comments, I know I’ll appreciate an experienced guide and teacher.

I look forward to connecting!”

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